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Technical Sourcing

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Dynamic Is an EEO & Affirmative Action Employer

Engineering, Technical, and Support.

Dynamic Technical Sourcing provides a wide range of technical solutions to the automotive, medical, furniture and aerospace industries. Offering unequaled service and support for all phases of our research, development and engineering services.


Our promise of quality and continuous improvement to our technical services is the goal to assure long lasting satisfactory relationships with our customers.


Dynamic's services are certified as an indication of our commitment to quality. Each team member of Dynamic Technical Sourcing is carefully screened to verify engineering technical expertise.


  • Electrical/Electronic Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Design Engineer

  • Product Engineer

  • Controls Engineer

  • Quality Engineer


  • AutoCAD and Catia

  • CMM Programmer

  • CAD/CAM Programmer

  • Mold Flow Programmer

  • CNC Programmer

  • Inspection/Quality Tech

  • Test Technician

  • GD&T Specialist

  • Electronic/Electrical Technician


  • Project Management

  • Prototype Parts Expediter

  • Prototype Supervisor

  • Material Coordinator

  • Financial Analyst

  • Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

Steve Connelly
Mid - Southeast Michigan

Phone: 989-753-7500
Fax: 989-753-7450

Jeff Kolk
Southwest Michigan

Phone: 616-399-2200

Fax: 616-399-9391

Lisa Mollan
Southeast Michigan

Phone: 248-338-1100

Fax: 248-338-1168

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