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EDM Machining

Come to us for both RAM EDM and Wire EDM capabilities. Our EDM department uses the newest technology from Mitsubishi EDM Machines. They can hold extraordinarily tight tolerances and produce complex parts that normal machining cannot match. Our highly skilled operators provide the knowledge and speed required to deliver quality EDM parts that meet today’s market requirements. We can EDM machine a very wide range of materials and have the ability to run 24/7 on these machines when necessary.

Our Equipment


A perfect solution for applications requiring ± .0001 tolerance  – with a larger tank capacity, and the lowest cost of operation in the industry. The new, innovative MV2400R features improvements in machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology, and operating costs. It also showcases Mitsubishi’s continuous dedication to high precision through innovations—including the highly reliable non-contact cylindrical drive system on the X, Y, U, and V axis drives. The technology available with the MV2400-R represents significant advancements in wire EDM technology.

  • Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm): 23.6 x 15.7 x 12.2 (600 x 400 x 310)

  • Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: W x D x H in (mm): 41.3 x 32.3 x 12.0 (1050 x 820 x 305)

  • Max. Submerged Workpiece Weight: lb (kg): 3307 (1500)

  • Table Dimensions: in (mm): 33.0 x 25.2 (840 x 640)

  • U/V Travels (from center): in (mm): ±3.0 x ±3.0 (±75 x ±75)

  • Taper Angle @ Thickness: in (mm): 15 deg.@ 10.2 (15 deg.@ 260)

  • Wide Angle Taper (Optional Guides Required): 45 deg. @ 2.4″ 60mm (No AT Possible)

  • Table Rapid Feed Speed: in/min (mm/min): 51.2 (1300)

  • Wire Diameter Possible: in (mm): 0.004~0.012 (0.1~0.3)

  • Minimum Start Hole Diameter: in (mm): 0.02 (0.5)

  • Max. Wire Spool size On Machine / Cabinet STD: lb (kg): 22 / 44 (10 / 20)

  • Machine System Weight: lb (kg): 7716 (3500)

MV2400R 1.jpg
ex 22 1.jpg

Mitsubishi EX22

Die Sinker Type EDM

Our specialized Mitsubishi EX22 Sinker EDM machine gives us the capability to EDM complex burns and achieve a high surface finish right out of the machine. This gives us the ability to efficiently produce the highest quality part and maintain tight surface tolerances.

  • EDM complex Parts.

  • High surface finish right out of the machine.

  • Efficiently produce part quality.

  • Maintain very high surface tolerances.

  • Hand polishing is greatly reduced, if needed at all.

  • Work Tank Size (Oversize): 41” x 29.5” x 19”

  • Table Size: 29.5” x 21.6”

  • Table Travel: 20” x 16”

  • Ram Travel: 13.77”

  • Worktable to Platen: 23.6”Max, 9.84” Min

  • Max Workpiece Weight: 2,200 lbs

  • Max Electrode Weight: 220 lbs

  • Machine Weight: 7,700 lbs

  • Min Floorspace Required: 84” x 92” x 99”

  • Metal Removal Positive Polarity: 4.5 grams per minute

  • Spindle C-Axis Positioning: Full C-Axis Programmable

  • Generator Output: 60 Amps

  • Tool Changer Capacity: 32 Stations

  • Spindle / Head Tooling Type: System 3R

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