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Plastic Injection Molding

Dynamic Prototype Operations can build you a prototype aluminum injection molding tool and prove out parts from it quickly. Depending on complexity, we can often take your concept to a finished plastic injected part in less than 2-4 weeks. We can also build mold tooling using tool steel and slide action to guarantee parts are more representative of results from a production tool. We run the parts in house using our Mitsubishi 180-ton Injection mold machine.


We can run quantities of a few parts for prototyping (1-500) up to supporting you with small run production quantities (1-10,000). You can rely on the 30+ years of experience our mold makers have in building high quality tooling.

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Our Equipment

Plastic Injection Mold Machine

  • MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi

  • MODEL: 180MJII

  • CLAMP FORCE: 180 US Ton

  • TIE BAR SPACING: 20.08” X 20.08”


    • Hydraulic Ram

    • Controller: MAC IV

    • Screw Diameter: 50 mm

    • Platen size: 29.13" x 29.13"

    • Daylight: 33.5"

    • Clamp stroke: 24.8"

    • Min mold height: 8.7"


    • ​Hydraulic knockouts

    • Core pull


    • 214" x 50" x 73"; 16,650 lbs

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