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Laser Marking

Dynamic offers highly detailed part-marking and engraving. We can laser etch or engrave part numbers, logos, graphics or other necessary information onto your parts, on a wide variety of materials. Our state-of-the-art laser technology and equipment even allows us to etch data in the QR code form required in today’s markets.

Our Equipment



As its name suggests, SIC’s XL-BOX is the flagship among a range of laser workstations, with features and dimensions designed to increase productivity and adapt to the evolving needs of manufacturing and production lines. 

XL-BOX is equipped with a high powered, pulsed wave ytterbium-doped fiber laser which allows shallow or deep markings of alphanumeric codes, barcodes, and 2D Data Matric codes, and on all metals and some plastics.

Laser marking is recommended for high-volume production, where speed and accuracy are a must. Primarily used for Direct Part Marking (DPM) or Label Marking, the resulting impressions are precise, clear, and readable by the human eye, or verified with vision technology (camera).

  • Marking Window: 60 x 60*mm - 100 x 100 mm - 170 x 170mm - 220 x 220*mm

  • External Dimensions (l x d x h): 655 x 756 x 1020 mm

  • Working Area: 570 x 564 mm

  • Marked Part Maximum Height & Length: 370 mm, 570 mm

  • Source: Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser

  • Operation Mode: Pulsed (20 to 500 kHz)

  • Wavelength: 1064 nm

  • Optical fiber length: 3m

  • Average power: 10,20W, or 50W

  • Peak power: 10kw

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