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CNC Turning

Dynamic Prototype’s CNC Turning department has all the modern capabilities that you would look for in todays demanding industry.  All of our state-of-the-art machines are more than capable of producing the most accurate, show quality parts while still meeting your demanding delivery requirements.  We work with a wide range of materials and also have live milling capabilities when needed.  Our best asset in our CNC Turning department is our talented CNC Lathe programmers and operators.  With well over a combined 80 years of experience we can create world class parts because of the knowledge and dedication they have for producing the highest quality parts required by all our customers.

Our Equipment

Samsung SL 3000

The SL 3000 lathe by Samsung Machine Tools is the strongest in class with superb structural design and delivers simultaneous heavy duty and precision turning.

Thanks to its 45-degree torque tube type bed that supports heavy duty turning.  It also significantly reduces non-cutting time and promotes efficient turning while its low center of gravity reduces vibration and thermal deformation while still improving rigidity.

  • Swing over the bed: 25.59

  • Axis travel(X/Z): 9.64/21.25

  • Max. turning diameter: 15.94

  • Number of tool positions: 12(BMT55)

  • Max. turning length: 40.00

  • Shank size for square tool: 1

  • Bar Capacity: 3.58

  • Shank size for boring bar: 2

  • Chuck size: 12

  • Tailstock travel(quill): 3.94

  • Spindle speed: 3,000

  • Machine weight: 11,660

  • Spindle nose: A2-8

  • Floor Space(L×W): 123.03 x 63.38

  • Spindle motor(cont./30min): 35/25

  • Controller: Fanuc Oi-TF

  • Rapid traverse(X/Z): 945/1,181

SL3000 1.jpg
sl25asy 1.png

Samsung SL 25ASY

The Samsung SL 25ASY is a heavy-duty, ultra-precision turning center complete with Samsung’s advanced technological features. This CNC turning lathe features a sub-spindle with full C-axis capability allowing milling, drilling, and tapping on the back side of parts. The Samsung SL 25ASY harnesses a powerful 20hp Fanuc built-in motor on its main spindle and 10hp on its sub spindle providing fast acceleration with high torque.

  • Swing over bed: 25.59"

  • Swing over cross slide: 21.26"

  • Main chuck: 8" ( 3 JAW )

  • Main spindle nose: A2-6

  • Main spindle motor: 15/20 HP

  • Main spindle speed: 4,000 RPM

  • Main spindle bar capacity: 2.6"

  • Sub spindle chuck: 6" ( 3-JAW )

  • Sub spindle nose: A2-5

  • Sub spindle nose motor: 7.5/10 HP

  • Sub spindle speed: 6,000 RPM

  • Sub spindle bar capacity: 1.42"

  • X-axis travel: 9.25"

  • Y-axis travel: 3.94"

  • Z-axis travel: 22.83"

  • Rapid traverse ( X/Y/Z ): 709/472/945 IPM

  • Tool capacity: 12 STATION

  • Live tool speed: 5,000 RPM

  • Milling motor: 7.5 HP

Samsung SL25

The Samsung SL 25 uses advanced technology to meet your diversified machining needs. This CNC turning lathe utilizes a high-speed turret indexing time and high-speed axis traverse time to reduce machine idle time and increase machining productivity. In addition, the Samsung SL 25/1000′s high precision gearless main spindle coupled with 3-points ball screw supporting design and AC servo motors ensures minimal machine vibration, backlash, and thermal deformation for achieving high precision machining accuracy.

  • Chuck Size: 10"

  • Bar Capacity: 3.03"

  • # Axis: 2

  • Power: 30 hp

  • Max RPM: 3,500 RPM

  • Turning Dia: 14.9"

  • Swing: 20.4"

  • Machining Length: 40"

  • Tailstock: Yes

  • Dimensions: 188x68

  • Weight: 14,550

Puma 240m.png

Doosan Puma

The Puma 240M is a fast and highly efficient cnc lathe.  This compact machine offers excellent productivity, improved operation capability and ease of use.  This lathe also has live tool milling capabilities to speed up your prototype parts.  This allows the opportunity for many parts to be finished in 1 setup.

  • Bar Capacity: 2.56"

  • Chuck Size: 10"

  • Spindle Speed: 4,500 RPM

  • Spindle Motor: 25 HP

  • X Axis Travel: 8.07"

  • Z Axis Travel: 22.83"

  • Rapid Rate Z Axis: 945 IPM

  • Turret Tools: 12 Station

  • Rapid Rate X Axis: 1,181 IPM

  • Max Turning Dia: 11.4"

  • Max Turning Length: 19.37"

  • Max Swing: 21.7"

  • Weight: 9,700 LBS

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