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5-Axis CNC Machining

We operate multiple 5-Axis milling centers including OKK and Doosan 5-Axis Machining Technologies to deliver show-quality prototypes faster, at lower cost, and with greater accuracy. We can 5-Axis program from your supplied CAD model or a print; if you can render it, we can make it for you. See us for multiaxis machining from solid out of any material necessary, or finish machining on castings of all kinds.


With over 20 years of 5-Axis machining experience and continuous investments in this technology, we know how to deliver its advantages for any project. 5-Axis machining often allows production of complex parts with a single setup, with significant time and cost savings. It also reduces inaccuracies and the chances of operator error that can occur with multiple setups and fixtures.

Our Equipment

Doosan DVF 6500

The DVF 6500 is the newest line of 5-axis machining centers from Doosan Machine Tools. Built with cutting-edge technology, ergonomic accessibility, and an automation-ready framework, the DVF delivers excellent performance. The DVF features a combined pivoting and rotary table to provide optimum access to all 5 axis, while maintain rigid spindle support for reduced vibration. 
The fully integrated 650mm rotary table allows for serious workpiece weight and lessens table deformation. Just about all 5-axis needs are covered.
Everyone starts somewhere, and many machine shops start with a process that involves multiple setups and extra downtime. But eventually, there comes a day when a true 5-axis is the right fit.


    • X Axis Travel: 29.5"

    • Y Axis Travel: 30.9"

    • Z Axis Travel: 23.6"


    • X Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,772 ipm

    • Y Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,772 ipm

    • Z Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,772 ipm

    • Cutting Feedrate: 0.04 - 787 ipm


    • Rotary Table Diameter: 25.6"

    • Maximum Table Capacity: 1,323 lb


    • Tool Shank: CAT40 or HSK-A63

    • Spindle Power (hp): 30 hp

    • Spindle RPM: 18,000 RPM

    • Spindle Torque (ft-lb): 87.1 ft-lbs

    • Power Transmission Type: Built-In


    • Height: 122"

    • Length: 146"

    • Width: 97"

    • Weight (lb): 31,900 lb


Doosan DVF 5000

Speed meets strength in the DVF 5000.  An 18,000 RPM spindle gives total access to the part while maintaining rigidity, and 120 tools to choose from.  The DVF 5000 small foot print fits the shop perfectly while the spacious work envelope allows for machining of parts up to 900 lbs.

  • Rotary Table Diameter: 500 mm

  • Spindle Taper: CAT 40

  • Spindle RPM: 18,000 RPM


    • X Axis Travel: 24.6"

    • Y Axis Travel: 17.7"

    • Z Axis Travel: 15.7"


    • Rotary Table Diameter: 19.7"

    • Maximum Table Capacity: 882 lb


    • X Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,575 ipm

    • Y Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,575 ipm

    • Z Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,575 ipm

    • Cutting Feedrate: 0.4 - 787ipm


The VC-X350 is extremely rigid and features a table that can handle titanium and other hard machining metals.

  • X Axis Travel: 600mm (23.62")

  • Y Axis Travel: 430mm ( 16.93")

  • Z Axis Travel: 460mm (18.11")

  • A Axis Travel: -120 to 30 deg

  • C Axis Travel: 360 deg

  • Rapid Tranverse Rate: XY: 50 m/min-1 ( 1969 ipm) Z: 36 m/min-1 (1418 ipm) A 44.4 rpm C 66.7 rpm

  • Spindle Speeds: 20,000

  • Magazine Capacity: 80

  • Table Size: 350 (13.78")

  • Spindle Taper: No.40

  • Controller Type: FANUC 31-iA5

  • Cutting Feed Rate: XYZ: 1~36,000 mm/min- (0.04 ~1418 ipm) A 44.4 rpm C 66.7 rpm



The VP400 is an advanced, high-speed, high-accuracy machining center made to meet all your unique needs. New technology and rigid structures offer enhanced machining accuracy and improved productivity. The VP400 Bridge style design maximizes rigidity, speed and accuracy while still achieving exceptional chip evacuation, operator accessibility with minimal floor space.

  • X Axis Travel: 600 (23.62")

  • Y Axis Travel: 410 (16.14")

  • Z Axis Travel: 460 (18.11")

  • Rapid Tranverse Rate XY:48M(1890ipm) Z:36m(1417ipm)

  • Spindle Speeds: 20,000

  • Spindle Motor: 30HP

  • Magazine Capacity: 120

  • Spindle Taper: Cat 40 Big Plus


The VC-X500’s design offers improved accessibility and the highest-level space saving and loadable workpieces size amongst its class.

  • X Axis Travel: 700mm (27.56")

  • Y Axis Travel: 850mm (33.46")

  • Z Axis Travel: 610mm (24.02")

  • A Axis Travel: -120 to +30 degrees

  • C Axis Travel: 360 degrees

  • Rapid Tranverse Rate: XY: 48m/min-1 (1889ipm), Z: 32m/min (1259ipm)

  • Spindle Speeds: 20,000 rpm

  • Spindle Motor: 30HP

  • Magazine Capacity: 120

  • Table Size: 500mm (19.69") Square

  • Spindle Taper: No. 40

  • Controller Type: FANUC31iB5

  • Max. Work Dia/Height: 700mm (27.6") / 500mm (19.7")

  • Max. Weight Loadable on Table: 500kg (1102 lbs)


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