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About Us

We Can Help Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges

Your turnkey source for people, technology, and services to increase your company's productivity.


Continuous improvement in product and process is critical to the success of manufacturers in virtually every industry. That is why companies like yours continually look for better, faster, and more cost-effective ways of producing high-quality products.


For many, the solution is to partner with Dynamic, a turnkey source for world-class people, technology, and services.  In the past two decades, we have grown from a handful of individuals to two full-service operations, Dynamic Prototype Operations and Dynamic Metrology Services.  We are here to provide the advanced technology and expertise needed to find effective solutions to your most critical manufacturing challenges.


As important as advanced technology and technical expertise are, we are also ready to contribute something else that's just as important to the success of your team: a spirit of initiative and excellence. We are committed to providing you with world-class manufacturing services that will increase your company's productivity and ensure your customers' complete satisfaction.

See more about our facilities and their areas of focus.

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Auburn Hills

(Southeastern Michigan)

Primary Service:

Prototype Operations



(West Michigan)

Primary Service:

Metrology Services


We are A2LA Accredited

Our accreditation means minimized risk, avoiding expensive retesting, and reducing costs and acceptance of goods oversees. These are just a few of the benefits our customers receive from working with us.

See more about our facilities and their areas of focus.

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